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Block Managers

RiskBase streamlines and simplifies some of the headaches around fire safety and regulatory compliance for block managers.
  •   Fastest door check / survey app on the market. See door inspections in action
  •   All other FSER inspections in one tool
  •   Use your staff, or existing consultants
  •   Manage all remedial actions in a single dashboard
  •   Automatically produce annotated floorplans / SIB docs
  •   Resident engagement portal
  •   Golden thread / asset management / integration with existing tools
We can help you navigate what’s now a complex regulatory landscape.
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Fire Consultants

Become a partner of RiskBase and perform industry leading Fire Risk Assessments, Door Inspections, Compartmentation Surveys and External Wall Surveys, on site with our app. Produce beautiful, comprehensive and concise reports.
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Hundreds of organisations trust RiskBase to power the fire safety of thousands of properties