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QA & Approval

Once an assessment has been completed it is submitted for approval, or QA. This would normally be done by another user rather than the assessor self-approving, although the steps are the same for both. We will call the person carrying out the original assessment the assessor and the person approving, the approver.

The approver will normally want to ensure that all questions are completed and that selected hazards have logical action points. It is important for the approver to check the assessment expiry date is as expected.

There are then two options; return the assessment back to the assessor or approve – in both cases the approver can leave notes.

If expiry dates are consistently different to the expected we may need to adjust the default renewal period for that questionnaire, see Adding a New Questionnaire.

Reject Assessment

If the assessment is not adequate; a number of changes or further clarity is necessary, the approver may reject the assessment and change it’s status back to In Progress. Accompanying notes can be added to describe the required changes. Unsubmit the assessment to return it back to the assessor.

  1. Click Unsubmit.
  2. Describe reason for unsubmitting assessment in the Unsubmit Note‘s field.
  3. Click Unsubmit Assessment.

Approve Assessment

Once the approver has finished QA, the assessment will be approved – with the option to add remarks which will be displayed on the final PDF report.

Use live report to view before approval

Previewing the live report will allow the approver to view the PDF report as it would look once approved.

To approve assessment

  1. Check approver remarks are added (to appear on PDF report) if desired.
  2. Click Approve select name from the drop down list.
  3. The date will default to today – change this if required.
  4. An approval note can be added – this will show in the assessment’s history.
  5. Click Approve Assessment.


Sometimes you may need to unapprove an Assessment, if for example there are some errors in the report that need to be corrected.

This function is limited to senior administrators and not available for most users.

  1. Click Unapprove.
  2. Describe reason for unapproving assessment in the Unapproval Note field.
  3. Click Unapprove Assessment.

Download Report

Once approved, the Approved Report button will be displayed – we can either preview or download a PDF copy of the approved report. The approved report is locked; it never changes unless it is unapproved.

Actions from the report now become tasks. These tasks can be updated – the changes will not feature in the Approved Report, however the live version (select the ‘live report’ button) will display changes made.

  1. Click Approved Report.
  2. In the drop down menu, click Download.
  3. The PDF report will download to your computer.