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Creating a project allows us to group multiple tasks together, meaning we can allocate groups of tasks at once. For example, you could filter for all tasks in a certain region relating to fire door replacement and issue the project to a particular contractor.

To find an existing project, enter the title of the project into the search field or select ‘Project’ from the type drop down filter. Double click on a project to view the tasks within it.

Projects and their tasks are displayed in the data grid – allowing us to view total projects or tasks, group, sort or download them as a PDF report – see Using The Data Grid.

New Project

Once we have identified a series of tasks to place into a project we need to create it.

If needing to edit the name of an existing project, rather than creating a new one, see Editing a Project.

To create a new project

  1. From tasks page, select New.
  2. From the menu, select Project.
  3. Give the project a title.
  4. Click Create Project.

Editing a Project

  1. Double click on the project you would like to edit (if viewing all tasks it will be easier to first filter Type field for Projects.
  2. Click Project & select Edit Project.
  3. Click Edit Task to add/change project details & Save Task.
  4. To add a comment against the task click Add Comment (RH side).

Adding Tasks

Once our project is named and setup we can start adding tasks to it, doing so by filtering the task list in the data grid to add either one or multiple tasks at a time.

  1. Click Add.
  2. Filter/search for tasks to add.
  3. Select tasks to add.
  4. Click Add Selected.

See Using Bulk Update for selecting multiple rows from the data grid.

We suggest clicking on task rows, not the tick boxes (because the Ctrl and Shift key functions have no effect unless clicking a task row).

Removing Tasks

  1. Click Remove.
  2. Select tasks to remove.
  3. Click Remove Selected.

See Adding Tasks to a Project for how to make multiple selections from task list.

Deleting a Project

  1. Double click project for deletion.
  2. Click Project.
  3. Select Delete.

Once a project has been deleted, the tasks in that project can be added to another.

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