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About Users

Each user has their own RiskBase account.

A user can be added to one or more organisations.

The level of access each user has is highly customisable.

Users are are added to one or more 'User Group/s'. User groups define the functionality a user has access to.

Users can also be added to one or more 'Team/s'. Teams define the type of task a user can be assigned, e.g. 'house keeping remedial task' or 'create risk assessment task'.

Add a User

  1. Right click an organisation in the Explorer and select New User.
  2. Enter the user’s email address into the New User window and click Add User.
  3. Enter a name for the user and optionally assign them to Teams and User Groups.
  4. Once you’re done, click Add User and their profile will open.

Although the user will now be added to the organisation, they will need to be added to User Groups to gain access to assets and functionality.

If the user has not signed in to RiskBase before, they will need to activate their account.

If a user already has a RiskBase account, you won’t be able to change their name when you add them.

General Details

General details include a user’s name, contact information, job title, qualifications, third party schemes, and the description about them. To change a user’s general details:

  • Go to a user’s profile page and click Edit Details. Once you’re done, click Save Details.

The organisation must be the owner of an account to make changes to the user’s general details. Read more about being an Account Owner.

Organisation Settings

As the name suggests, these are settings specific for a particular organisation:

  • Go to a user’s profile and double click an organisation at the bottom of the page.
  • The settings window will appears.
  • When you’re done, click Save.
Teams Selectbox Auto assign tasks to users, limit questionnaire’s they see, and more.
User Groups Selectbox Users inherit Features & Access from groups they’re assigned to.
Access Checkbox Temporarily or permanently disable a user’s access to an organisation without removing them, keeping their settings intact.
They will only see the organisation’s name listed on their profile.
Account Owner Set the organisation as an “owner” of the account.

Account Owner

Only organisations that “own” an account can change their general details.

Organisations are automatically set as an owner for new accounts, however, an ownership request is required for accounts that already exist; this prevents users being able to change other user’s details without permission.

Ownership can be requested by ticking the Owner checkbox in the user’s organisation settings. The user will be sent an email with a link to accept or deny and the requester will receive an email when the user responds.

A request is only required if the user already has a RiskBase account AND they have activated their account or another organisation already owns the account.

Accounts can have more than one owner.

Features & Access

As well as users inheriting Features & Access settings from groups they’re assigned to, settings can also be applied directly to the user. A user’s Features & Access settings are always applied last, overriding group settings.

  • Go to a user’s profile.
  • From the Organisations section, right click an organisation and select Change Features or Change Access.